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Pirates of the Carribean 3 – At worlds end

Pirates of the Carribean - At worlds endMe and my boyfriend borrowed the DVD from my sister and watched it yesterday after our guests had left us.

It was a lot better then the second of the pirates movies. It still has that element of myth and fantasy but it does not seem as unrealistic as I thought it was in the second one. If you haven’t seen the other pirates of the Caribbean movies, there’s very little meaning in watching this one right now. They are all tied together, and to be able to understand the story fully, you need to watch them all.

I recommend you don’t read further right now if you haven’t yet watched the two earlier movies. There might be a spoiler in the text as I have a feeling I’ll be referring a bit to the earlier movies to explain the story line shortly. Read the rest of this entry »

Twas the night

So anyways on Friday night my daughter and I sat down with a pot noodle to watch this film (God my pot noodle was spicy though lol).

The plot of the film was about a family Mam,Dad and 3 kids and their uncle who showed up on their doorstep on christmas eve,the uncle was a thief. Anyways it’s christmas eve and Santa’s reindeer are all down with flu so he is useing a computer to drive his sleigh. The computer was making Santas sleigh go out of control. Santa crash lands at the family’s house. He freezes the uncle and oldest son so he can sneak down with their pressies. But then the Son and the uncle become unfrozen and they see Santa. Santa has an special bauble which shrinks stuff. So the uncle and the Son have a bit of a fight with Santa, Santa hits his head on the fireplace and gets knocked out, the son gets the bauble and accidently shrinks his Uncle. Then the uncle decides to take Santas sleigh and “help” him out. Read the rest of this entry »

lacuna Coil

Got a tip the other day from my online friends, or rather I overheard two of them discussing music, Lacuna Coil to be specific. You can find the official website at

My friends said I should check them out so I did. Thank god for Internet bringing music in close 😀

Its an Italian band, what genre to put them in I have no idea about, but its some kind of rock I think. Read the rest of this entry »

Miami Vice

Miami ViceA couple friends had rented Miami Vice, and me and my boyfriend were over at their place and watched it with them. Couldn’t help comparing to the series, and in my opinion the series are better. The movie went on too slow, there were periods where nothing really happened 🙁

Colin Farrell just didn’t fit in Don Jonssons shoes as Sonny Crocket. And that silly mustach he has, looked rediculus in my opinion.
Jamie Foxx did a bit of better job to fit in as Ricardo Tubbs though. But who got the idea to put Barry Shabaka Henley as Lt. Martin Castillo? He has no resemblance what so ever to the orginal charachter. Suppose that might be the idea, but still… Read the rest of this entry »

Lucky number Slevin

Lucky number SlevinIt’s a good movie, about a guy, Slevin (Josh Hartnett), that’s kind of get in the jam when he is misstaken for being Nick Fisher. Nick is a old friend of Slevins living in New York. Slevin goes there for a visit after loosing his job and finding his girlfriend in bed with another man. He just need a bit of scenery change, Nick told him while inviting him over.

However Nick isn’t answering his phone and isn’t at home as agreed, but his apartment is unlocked so Slevin walks in and makes himself at home, taking a shower. For a good while in the start Slevin walks around in nothing but a towel… Read the rest of this entry »