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When we first meet Hancock (played by Will Smith) he’s a sleep on a bench near a window that displays TV:s, and the TV:s does show a news clip where police are engaged in a car chase on the highway.

Hancock is waken up by a kid who wants to show him that there’s a car chase on the TV. Hancock slowly starts to wake up, showing very little interest in both the TV and the kid. Once he get up he takes a few drinks from a bottle he picks up from under the bench.

Eventually he fly of with the bottle in his hand, to help catch the bad guys.

Being in a state between hungover and drunk he doesn’t make the best choice in how to assist the police though. The bad guys are caught and put behind bars in the end, but the public opinion seem to be he should have stayed away and let the police do their job… Read the rest of this entry »


This is Boyzone’s greatest hits album. If you like Westlife then you probably will also like Boyzone (Well they both do share the same Manager)

To be honest the songs sound as good today as when they were first released.  They also have new songs on like Love you anyway, which i think is boyzone back to their best. The video for the song is really good aswell. The one good thing about Boyzone is they appeal to all ages.

I really dont know what else to say but I think Boyzone are a great band and they still sound good to me. Its really good to have all there greatest hits together on one album aswell. I know if i didnt already have it i would of loved this in my xmas stocking hehe.