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Trying a new tool…

Just wanted to see if and how this works, if it works well it is all very good 🙂 If not I’ll just have to keep doing it the same way as I have done so far.

Seem it works fine 🙂 Gonna try adding a small picture as well


Sjöjungfrun (The mermaid) by Camilla Läckberg

I just finished up reading the book a couple hours ago. It was a very good crime story, a murdered man turns up frozen into the ice. The man is the one who went missing 3 months earlier, he walked out of the house heading towards work, but never got there.

Once he has been found it is obvious he was killed, probably the same day he went missing. The police now has a murder to solve.

The police is trying really hard to figure out why, and who did it. And along the way they learn that the new village celebrity, Christian Thydell, a writer who just released his debut book has been threatened. Christian is also a friend of the victim. Soon they start working with the theory the two events are related, witch means the writer and his family are in danger as well. Read the rest of this entry »