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I am legend

Recently bought this movie on dvd. I got a special edition that includes the movie with an alternative ending.

So far I’ve only seen the alternative one, but I will watch the original eventually. When I’ve done so I can let you know witch one was the best, but I can say that I enjoyed watching the alternative one.

It’s a movie where mankind is once again threatened by their own doing, with few survivors. We are following one of them, Robert Neville, a scientist, who lives in New York. He was actually on the team causing the threat in the first place.

The threat this time is a mutated virus, that was launched as a cure for cancer. But somewhere along the way something went wrong, seriously wrong. Those infected by the virus becomes monsters, the bloodthirsty kind. Robert Neville somehow seem to be immune to the virus, and he is on a mission to find the cure. He has his own lab in the basement of his house.

Over all I guess the story could have been better, but it’s a good movie. With action.