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Majicians’ Journey

An acquaintance of mine, David Scherer, has written a book that is scheduled for release later this year. The book is called Majician’s Journey.

Earlier this month he announced the art work for the book to be done, and since he also announced that the book is gonna be released in an overseeable future I figured I’d make a note here as well, I think the book will be good reading, the first two chapters sure seem promising.

David put up the first drafts for the first two chapters on his blog around a year ago. For various reasons I never really got around to reading them sooner.

If you are interested in checking it out, the first couple chapters can be found at his blog Melpomene – Tragic muse.

UPDATE: Realease date have been set, the book will be available at stores on December 20th. There’s also an facebook page for the book.

UPDATE 2: The book is now released and can be purchased through (direct link here).

Information about the book, and its author, can also be found at:

Yes I know, I am shamelessly advertising the book, without even having read it 🙂

Got a copy of the book on a long journey from US to Sweden, estimated time of arrival would be March 10, little over a month from when I ordered it. It is an insane delivery time, but at least it should be on the way now.

A proper review will be posted once I have actually read it.