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They kidnapped his daughter, now he is looking for her. He’s a bit grumpy and doesn’t let anything, or anyone, stand in his way.

The movie is about Bryan Mills (played by Liam Neeson) and his quest for finding his kidnapped daughter Kim (played by Maggie Grace) and bringing her safely home again. Being a former CIA agent, Bryan knows how to find people. And he’s got connections.

It all starts when Kim wants to go to Paris with a friend, Amanda. Since Kim is only 17 she needs Bryan to sign a paper saying she’s allowed to leave the country. Bryan and Kim’s mother Lenore are divorced and Kim is staying at her mothers and her new husband, Stuart. At first Bryan says no, but the next day he visits them with the signed paper. He has a few conditions though, one being Kim calls him when they land in Paris, he even giver her a phone for the purpose. Kim being a teenager forgets about this. Bryan worries and even calls Lenore to see if Kim has called her. Lenore says not to worry, Kim is young and in Paris. They both think Kim and Amanda stays at Amanda’s cousins. They are, the thing is the cousins are in Spain so they are on their own.

Eventually Bryan gets a hold of Kim, so he starts to calm down and tell Kim that she promised to call. Then the worst thing that could happen happens. While on the phone with each other a couple men comes in and grabs Amanda. Kim sees this through the bathroom window, the flat is sort of L shaped. Bryan knows they will eventually get Kim as well….

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