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Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Ok so this film is about a chihuahua that lives in Beverly Hills called Chloe (who is really a pampered dog). Chloe belongs to a wealthy woman (Aunt Viv), Who at short notice needs to go abroad for a while and she cant get her usual dog sitter to look after Chloe. So she asks her niece (Rachel)  to look after Chloe while she goes abroad.

So Aunt Viv sets off and leaves Rachel in charge of looking after Chloe.  Although all Rachel is interested in is partying and bossing the Gardener around.  Rachel’s friends all come round for a visit and while they are there they decide to have a trip to Mexico. So Rachel goes along with them taking Chloe with her. Read the rest of this entry »


The original setup was done in 1999 under the name Tender and had three members. In 2000 they changed to Takida and released their first record, a 5 track demo album named Old.

Currently Takida consists of Robert Pettersson (vocals), Tomas Wallin (guitar), Mattias Larsson (guitar,) Fredrik Pålsson (bass) and Kristoffer Söderström (drums).

In 2005 they were signed to their first record label and released their debut album, Make You Breathe (released in April 2006 in Sweden). They had before that released some material on their own, one full album and four singles.

Their latest album, Bury the lies was released in 2007 and they had a number one hit in Sweden with the second single, Curly Sue, from that album. Curly Sue was number one for 10 weeks.

You can view a couple videos at their MySpace page: