Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Ok so this film is about a chihuahua that lives in Beverly Hills called Chloe (who is really a pampered dog). Chloe belongs to a wealthy woman (Aunt Viv), Who at short notice needs to go abroad for a while and she cant get her usual dog sitter to look after Chloe. So she asks her niece (Rachel)  to look after Chloe while she goes abroad.

So Aunt Viv sets off and leaves Rachel in charge of looking after Chloe.  Although all Rachel is interested in is partying and bossing the Gardener around.  Rachel’s friends all come round for a visit and while they are there they decide to have a trip to Mexico. So Rachel goes along with them taking Chloe with her.

After a few days Chloe decides she’s had enough and runs away. Then she gets caught by illegal dog fighters. They then put her in a dog fight but chloe doesnt really understand and she tries to talk to her opponent who was a rottweiler. Then a gate opened Chloe squeezed through so her and all the other dogs escaped.

Then the Dog snatchers and the rottweiler all started looking for Chloe to get her really expensive Diamond Colllar off her.  A German shepherd dog helped Chloe to get away and protected her. They ended up in the desert and some Mountain lions came along and tried to attack them. Then all of a sudden there was a loud rumble that sounded like thunder and it was a load of chihuahua’s running along to help Chloe and the German shepherd Dog (Who’s name i cant remember).  So the mountain lions ran off scared. Then Chloe and her friend went off with the Chihuahua’s and while she was with them she learned how to bark like a big dog would.

Anyways Rachel and the gardener were also looking for Chloe (The Gardeners dog was in love with Chloe). They found her diamond collar. In the end they found Chloe and got her home safely just in time before Aunt Viv returned home from her trip.

There was loads more exciting stuff happened in this movie but obviously i dont wanna spoil it for you all. It’s a really great Family Movie  and I’m glad i paid to see this movie. In fact its the first time i’ve been to the cinema in a long time, and i really enjoyed the movie.

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  1. Comment from Anna

    It definitely sounds like a fun movie to watch 🙂

  2. Comment from Sarah

    hehe yea it was great fun 🙂

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