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Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince

The Film starts with all kinds of mayhem bridges falling down, Muggles getting scared.

Death Eaters are everywhere aswell. Then Lord Voldemort appears in the sky, While Harry is sitting in a cafe on a Tube station trying to get a date with a girl who works there. Then out of nowhere Dumbledore appears and eventually sends Harry to the Weasley House where Hermione is already. Ron and Hermione both tell Harry that their Parents dont want them going back to Hogwarts and it’s time Dumbledore retired.

Anyways they do go to Hogwarts and it appears that Malfoy is a death eater now aswell (No surprise their really). Anyways  Harry goes to see Dumbledore and see’s Dumbledores memory of when he first met Voldemort it turned out Voldemort was in a childrens home coz his parents didnt want him coz he did weird stuff like start fires with just his mind and that.  In between all this their is the teen angst of love Ron and Hermione and Harry and Ginnie Weasley.

After a while though Dumbledore tells Harry that Voldemort has horcruxes that keep his soul alive so if he dies he doesnt he just finds a horcrux and to defeat Voldemort they have to find the Horcruxes and smash them up. So Dumbledore and Harry set off to find them, They end up in a cave and have to sail across a lake. Dumbledore tells Harry that no matter what he has to make Dumbledore drink the liquid so Dumbledore starts drinking it then wants to stop. Harry makes him carry on though so he finishes it and Harry gets the Horcrux. Then they set off back to Hogwarts when they arrive their Dumbledore then tells Harry to go get Snape. So Harry goes then he hears voices so he just hides. The voice turned out to belong to Malfoy who was threatening to kill Dumbledore. Dumbledore said he couldnt go through it.

Then Snape comes along see’s Harry, Dmubledore,Malfoy and Death eaters. Then one of them dies…

All in all a very good film with great special effects although my Daughter and I have been discussing which is better film or books i say book she said movie although she hasnt read the books lol.

Michael Jackson Dead

In case anybody hasnt heard Michael Jackson died last night uk time of Heart Failure. R.I.P Michael.

Also yesterday Charlies Angel star Farrah Fawcett passed away after a long battle with Cancer. R.I.P Farrah

New Kids On The Block – The Block

Ok so i know this album was released last year but i figured i better blog about something and seeing as though I loved New Kids the first time round i chose this album of theirs.

They have changed their sound a bit though. They have some really great collaborations on the album aswell with the likes of Lady GaGa and also The Pussycat Dolls aswell. My favourite song on the album is Summertime, Twisted is also another good song.

But the album seems to have lost some of the things that i did originally love about New Kids but they seem to have been replaced by other things that i love about them now. Although over the years since they last had an album out my taste of music has changed quite a bit for example i now love the likes of Bon Jovi and Cascada so i have broadened my taste. Still it is good to hear from New kids if only for old times sake.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Ok so this film is about a chihuahua that lives in Beverly Hills called Chloe (who is really a pampered dog). Chloe belongs to a wealthy woman (Aunt Viv), Who at short notice needs to go abroad for a while and she cant get her usual dog sitter to look after Chloe. So she asks her niece (Rachel)  to look after Chloe while she goes abroad.

So Aunt Viv sets off and leaves Rachel in charge of looking after Chloe.  Although all Rachel is interested in is partying and bossing the Gardener around.  Rachel’s friends all come round for a visit and while they are there they decide to have a trip to Mexico. So Rachel goes along with them taking Chloe with her. Read the rest of this entry »


This is Boyzone’s greatest hits album. If you like Westlife then you probably will also like Boyzone (Well they both do share the same Manager)

To be honest the songs sound as good today as when they were first released.  They also have new songs on like Love you anyway, which i think is boyzone back to their best. The video for the song is really good aswell. The one good thing about Boyzone is they appeal to all ages.

I really dont know what else to say but I think Boyzone are a great band and they still sound good to me. Its really good to have all there greatest hits together on one album aswell. I know if i didnt already have it i would of loved this in my xmas stocking hehe.