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New Kids On The Block – The Block

Ok so i know this album was released last year but i figured i better blog about something and seeing as though I loved New Kids the first time round i chose this album of theirs.

They have changed their sound a bit though. They have some really great collaborations on the album aswell with the likes of Lady GaGa and also The Pussycat Dolls aswell. My favourite song on the album is Summertime, Twisted is also another good song.

But the album seems to have lost some of the things that i did originally love about New Kids but they seem to have been replaced by other things that i love about them now. Although over the years since they last had an album out my taste of music has changed quite a bit for example i now love the likes of Bon Jovi and Cascada so i have broadened my taste. Still it is good to hear from New kids if only for old times sake.

There should be no more downtime….

I switched to a paid plan at my host recently. I hope everything was transferred smoothly and that all things still work as expected. Should you ever run into any problems, be sure to let me know. You can use the form under Contact Us or send an email to: webmaster[at]annas-playground[dot]info.

Within the next few days I hope that I will relaunch this blog with a new and updated theme, it’s long overdue already.