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BookCrossing – Sharing your books with the world

Stumbled on a new concept today, BookCrossing, it is a way of making the world into a big library.

It is a rather simple concept really. You sign up for free, registers a book (or books) you own and want others to read. When registering a book you get a unique identity, a BCID, that you should write inside the bookcover, so you can keep track of how the book travels. Then you simply leave the book somewhere it can be found by someone to read. It is wise to leave a note about book crossing and give the Internet address as I guess only few would know what the BCID you have written in the book means otherwise.

Of course there’s always a risk it will take a very long time, before someone picks it up and goes to the site to enter information that they have done so. Also not all do have access to Internet easily. Once you released a book into the wild, there’s very little chance you’ll get it back, but it might be rewarding to read about others that has found “your” book and fun seeing where it has traveled. It could in theory end up in the other end of the world.

As a non member on the site you can add a note if you found a book and where you found it, but won’t be notified where it goes next.

Read more about how it works here:

I’m gonna try this and see if there’s a book or two I want to release into the world 😀 (they’ll be written in Swedish and released in Sweden, will let you all know what books and how they travel, if they do.)

UPDATE: Released books will be listed here