When we first meet Hancock (played by Will Smith) he’s a sleep on a bench near a window that displays TV:s, and the TV:s does show a news clip where police are engaged in a car chase on the highway.

Hancock is waken up by a kid who wants to show him that there’s a car chase on the TV. Hancock slowly starts to wake up, showing very little interest in both the TV and the kid. Once he get up he takes a few drinks from a bottle he picks up from under the bench.

Eventually he fly of with the bottle in his hand, to help catch the bad guys.

Being in a state between hungover and drunk he doesn’t make the best choice in how to assist the police though. The bad guys are caught and put behind bars in the end, but the public opinion seem to be he should have stayed away and let the police do their job…

Hancock is a comedy about a has been super hero, or well he still have the powers to be a super hero, he’s just not considered a hero anymore. He is actually rather disliked by most the people of Los Angeles, due to his lack of judgment in past events. And I guess the fact Hancock seem to show up drunk most of the time doesn’t help at all.

One day he saves Ray Embrey (played by Jason Bateman), a PR agent. Ray is grateful to Hancock and decides to take him under his wings. Ray wants to make the residents of Los Angeles like Hancock again. And Ray’s got a plan…

Some parts of the movie does make it less appropriate for younger kids, like Hancock being a drunken super hero for example.

Over all I liked the movie, it gave me a few good laughs 🙂 It is a movie best viewed as pure entertainment.
Although it does have a less obvious underlying and more sad story as well, it is mostly a comedy.

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