Miami Vice

Miami ViceA couple friends had rented Miami Vice, and me and my boyfriend were over at their place and watched it with them. Couldn’t help comparing to the series, and in my opinion the series are better. The movie went on too slow, there were periods where nothing really happened 🙁

Colin Farrell just didn’t fit in Don Jonssons shoes as Sonny Crocket. And that silly mustach he has, looked rediculus in my opinion.
Jamie Foxx did a bit of better job to fit in as Ricardo Tubbs though. But who got the idea to put Barry Shabaka Henley as Lt. Martin Castillo? He has no resemblance what so ever to the orginal charachter. Suppose that might be the idea, but still…

Anyways, the movie was ok, but that’s it. I would definatly not recommend buying it, but by all means do rent it with a friend or two. But if you were a big fan of the original series from the 80’s, you probably won’t be a big fan of the movie.

The plot in the movie is: Ricardo and Sonny goes undercover, to infiltrate a drugoperation, that turns out to be bigger then they first thought. Sounds familary? Guess it should, it’s after all based on the series.

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