Lucky number Slevin

Lucky number SlevinIt’s a good movie, about a guy, Slevin (Josh Hartnett), that’s kind of get in the jam when he is misstaken for being Nick Fisher. Nick is a old friend of Slevins living in New York. Slevin goes there for a visit after loosing his job and finding his girlfriend in bed with another man. He just need a bit of scenery change, Nick told him while inviting him over.

However Nick isn’t answering his phone and isn’t at home as agreed, but his apartment is unlocked so Slevin walks in and makes himself at home, taking a shower. For a good while in the start Slevin walks around in nothing but a towel…

He gets kidnapped by one gangsters goons, a gangster called The Boss (Morgan Freeman). Nick owe The Boss money, and they assume that Slevin is Nick, after all he is in Nicks apartment in nothing but a towel. And he gets taken to The Boss without a chance to get dressed. He get a choice, pay the money or kill The Rabbis son. The Rabbi (Ben Kingsley) ofcourse is another gangster.

He gets a day to think about it and is driven home again. Not long after the other gangsters goons comes and kidnap him again, this time he’s gotten dressed. Nick did owe The Rabbi money as well, and once again Slevin is taken for being Nick.

To make things a bit more complicated, Slevin falls in love with Nicks neighbourgh, Lindsey (Lucy Liu). Lindsey has a desire to be a private investigator, and wanna find out what happened to Nick. She does work at the coroners, so she does get some useful information that way.

Now Slevin is in trouble, big trouble… He has ended up in a long time war between the gangsters, and there’s also a bigtime hitman involved, mr Goodkat (Bruce Willis).

The movie was good, a bit out of the ordinary. I don’t know really what to say without spoiling the fun of watching it. But let me say things aren’t always what they look like…

I really recommend watching this movie.

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