Twas the night

So anyways on Friday night my daughter and I sat down with a pot noodle to watch this film (God my pot noodle was spicy though lol).

The plot of the film was about a family Mam,Dad and 3 kids and their uncle who showed up on their doorstep on christmas eve,the uncle was a thief. Anyways it’s christmas eve and Santa’s reindeer are all down with flu so he is useing a computer to drive his sleigh. The computer was making Santas sleigh go out of control. Santa crash lands at the family’s house. He freezes the uncle and oldest son so he can sneak down with their pressies. But then the Son and the uncle become unfrozen and they see Santa. Santa has an special bauble which shrinks stuff. So the uncle and the Son have a bit of a fight with Santa, Santa hits his head on the fireplace and gets knocked out, the son gets the bauble and accidently shrinks his Uncle. Then the uncle decides to take Santas sleigh and “help” him out.

So the Son and the uncle get on the sleigh and they go too peoples houses.Where the uncle goes in to leave pressies he also helps himself to stuff that people have in their houses. After a while the nephew realises what his uncle is doing and decides to get away and go back home to help the real Santa.

It was a really funny movie me and my daughter really enjoyed it (Well i enjoyed that more then my pot noodle lol) It had something in for everyone I enjoyed all the bits to do with Technology. My daughter enjoyed the whole film she couldnt pick out one part of it that stood out for her.

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