Pirates of the Carribean 3 – At worlds end

Pirates of the Carribean - At worlds endMe and my boyfriend borrowed the DVD from my sister and watched it yesterday after our guests had left us.

It was a lot better then the second of the pirates movies. It still has that element of myth and fantasy but it does not seem as unrealistic as I thought it was in the second one. If you haven’t seen the other pirates of the Caribbean movies, there’s very little meaning in watching this one right now. They are all tied together, and to be able to understand the story fully, you need to watch them all.

I recommend you don’t read further right now if you haven’t yet watched the two earlier movies. There might be a spoiler in the text as I have a feeling I’ll be referring a bit to the earlier movies to explain the story line shortly.

Davy Jones (the “sea monster” that has his underwater crew) is still a big part of the action. He is “commanded” by Lord Cutler Beckett. Well Davy Jones isn’t willingly commanded, but Beckett has control of the chest with Davy Jones’s heart. He got hold of that in the second movie.

Jack Sparrow is trapped in Davy Jones’s locker, the land of the dead. Will Turner, Elisabeth Swann and captain Barbossa plan on rescuing Jack. Not an easy task. First they need to get their hand on a special map that leads the way to the locker. That map is currently in the hands of a pirate lord in Singapore.

Apart from rescuing Jack out of guilt (Elisabeth was part of why he got trapped in the locker) there’s a bigger reason. They need to gather the nine pirate lords to join forces against Lord Beckett. Try convincing a few pirates to work together. Try avoiding them to betray you. Had any luck? Guess not.

Every pirate participating has their own reason for doing so. Not always a reason that mix well with the others. The voodoo priestess, Tia Dalma, who brought Barbossa back from the dead to aid in the rescue of Jack is also part of the crew. She also has her own reasons.

Over all it was a very good movie, very action filled. Not really any dull moments, and a few surprises. But like I said in the beginning it will be hard seeing this one as a stand alone movie. Of course it is possible, it has its own adventure story. It will however be easier to understand why the characters do some of the things they do if you have seen the first two movies.

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