The Simpsons movie

The Simpsons is a very good movie. I think that a lot will enjoy it especially if you love the TV shows then the movie is a must buy. It is one of the few dvd movies i own.

It has a good plot to the movie aswell about the environment and pollution. Basically Springfield is so polluted that the government put a dome over the top of the town to stop the pollution getting out. The residents then find out that its all Homer’s fault so they come after him and the rest of his family.

However The Simpsons do escape out of the dome and end up escaping to Alaska. Then the FBI starts searching for the entire Simpsons family. Then after a while Marge decides she wants to go home so she sets of with Bart,Lisa and Maggie. Then while they are on the train the FBI have a spy and hears them say there names. So when they pull into a station the FBI is their waiting for them and jumps on the Train to arrest them. Anyways Homer decides too follow his family back home not knowing that they have been held by the FBI. So he gets back to Springfield and see’s a truck from which are coming Marge,Bart,Lisa and Maggies voices. So he decides to save Springfield, in the meantime the government have decided to blow up Springfield. The towns people are all trying to climb out the dome while a bomb is slowly ticking away up above them. Homer is climbing up the outside to get back in and knocks everyone back down into the town. Then the bomb falls into the Town and Homer gets a motorbike grabs the Bomb and Bart. Then they circle the Dome with Bart holding the bomb and just in time Bart throws the Bomb out of the dome. Then Springfield is free again, and Homer is a hero.

In my opinion it is a great film my kids and I really enjoyed it and laughed most of the way through it. Even the end credits are funny. The film has a bit of everything in it,Humour,Love and a bit of Drama but still its really very funny. If you love the TV show then you really will love the movie 😉

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