Modesty Blaise – The Beginning

Modesty Blaise - The Beginning

Modesty Blaise - The Beginning

I found the DVD on sale a few days ago, I have more or less been looking for it since I heard about it. I was just sheer luck that I found it, as I wasn’t planning on checking through the box of various DVDs for sale, but I took a quick look at it as I went past. And there it was at the top of a pile, the Modesty Blaise DVD, I grabbed it 🙂 Didn’t bother checking for other DVDs even though it was a take three deal, but the price for a single DVD was good enough for me.

The movie is the story of what made Modesty who she is. The story starts in Romania during war time, when Modesty is just a little girl, without parents. But don’t worry we will not entirely follow her from childhood, the time line makes a jump to where she’s a young woman, working at a casino.

The casino gets attacked by a man, Miklos, who seeks revenge on the owner, Henri Louche. Henri has already been killed by Miklos, and now Miklos wants to get in the vault to grab the money in there. And he knows there should be plenty, despite what he is told. He knows there’s a planned deal going down the next day where Henri was to buy drugs. Things don’t work out the way he wanted though, first problem is he kills the only one besides Henri that knew the code to the vault…

We get to see glimpses of her past, as she tells the story while the casino is under siege.

For anyone that read the comic strip, you will probably wonder where Willie Garvin is at, the answer probably is that Modesty has not yet met him. This story takes place even before the Network days, I suspect it is the moment that makes her path roll towards the Network days.

For anyone not familiar with Modesty through comic strips or books, the movie is probably pretty meaningless. Might even be considered rather boring in that case. But for me that has read a lot of the comic strips, it is an interesting story about Modesty’s background. And I so hope there will be more coming 🙂

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