Amy McDonald – This is Life

I heard her song, This is Life, on the radio, took me a while to find out who sang and what the song was named. It’s not always they do tell what they are playing right before or after a song. Sometimes they do say that “we’re gonna give you a song from xxxx but first this one from yyyy”. And the fact that I hardly ever listen to radio other then at work didn’t really help either, as sometimes my workplace is far to noisy.

However I found out her name and started looking around for some information, and stumbled upon this little widget that allows you to listen to her songs.

Amy McDonald is a young woman, in her early 20th, from Scotland. The album was released in 2007, but I can’t recall ever hearing her music on the radio until now…

She started playing on stage at the age of 15. At first she played in local pubs and coffee houses in and around Glasgow. She is self taught, using her father guitar, playing tunes she heard on the radio. Amy writes her own music, the lyrics are inspired by various things around her.

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