3:10 to Yuma

3:10 to Yuma

3:10 to Yuma

Bought the movie and got it home by mail the other day. Sat down and watched it on Saturday evening together with my boyfriend.

It is a story about escorting an outlaw, Ben Wade, to the train that goes to Yuma prison, it leaves the town of Contention at 3:10 pm.

Of course this isn’t an easy task, and on the way a couple members of the original escort group is lost during battle, not only by the hand of Ben Wade’s gang, who naturally wants to set their leader free, but also by the hand of Apache Indians and railroad workers.

One of the participants of the group, Dan Evans, is a farmer in dept. Questions are raised as to why he, as a family father, wants to participate in such dangerous task. He joined the group to get money to feed his family and be able to keep his farm. His oldest sun, William, a 15 year old lad wants to join as well, as he feels he would be a better shoot then anyone in the group, including a Pinkerton agent. Dan says to William he is needed to take care of things at home, especially if something was to happen to him. The kid of course doesn’t want to hear that reason, he wants to join the adventure.

A sort of bond is formed between Ben and Dan. This does not affect the task, Dan refuses to let Ben walk away, even though he is offered a large sum of money. Dan don’t want to let his son down, he want to be the person his son can look up to and not be someone that is a coward and betrayer.

The movie is filled with the regular gunfights a western should have, but it has a deeper plane as well in the conversations. At the end you might wonder how realistic it really would be that the events would play out that way, it does not seem impossible that they would though, it just seem a bit odd.

Over all it is a good movie, worth watching. And actually I’d say it is worth buying (I already did).

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