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The return of Whitney Houston

Apparently Whitney Houston is planning a comeback, with a new album in early september (at least it is scheduled to be released September 2nd here is Sweden.

Today one of our online newspapers offered a free download of a single from that album, the title track “I Look To You“. It might not be as strong as some of the ones from her glory days, but her voice has survived the years well. The song is a soft ballad.

Judging from this one song the upcoming album is definitely worth checking out when it is released.

Amy McDonald – This is Life

I heard her song, This is Life, on the radio, took me a while to find out who sang and what the song was named. It’s not always they do tell what they are playing right before or after a song. Sometimes they do say that “we’re gonna give you a song from xxxx but first this one from yyyy”. And the fact that I hardly ever listen to radio other then at work didn’t really help either, as sometimes my workplace is far to noisy. Read the rest of this entry »