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The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

The lost Symbol by Dan Brown

The lost Symbol by Dan Brown

I bought the book a while back, and eventually got around to reading it.

This time professor Langdon is asked to come to Washington to hold a lecture at the United States Capitol, supposedly by his old friend Peter Solomon. When Langdon calls Peter to confirm the details, he can only reach Peters assistance who says that a private plane will pick him up, and that Peter asked him to tell Langdon to bring the small package he is safe keeping for Peter.

Langdon arrives at the Capitol in the last minute, but finds only an empty hall without audience where he was told the lecture would be held. Soon after the severed right hand of Peter Solomon is discovered in the Capitols dome, pointing upwards to the fresco The Apotheosis of Washington. Upon closer examination Langdon discovers that Peters hand has been tattooed, with symbols that holds an ancient meaning.

This story focuses on Freemasonry, where Peter is a member of the 33rd degree. Peter has been kidnapped by the villain Mal’akh, who demands that Langdon unlock the Ancient Mysteries in return for Solomon’s life. Read the rest of this entry »