Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

This is about the beginning, where werewolves became Lycans. It’s the story of Victor and Lucien. It’s the story of how the war once started.

When we first get acquainted with Victor and Lucien in this movie, Lucien, and the rest of the Lycans, is nothing more then slaves, the daytime guards for the vampire clan. Victor is a vampire elder, a rather ruthless one as well.

Victor have a daughter, Sonja. Sonja is not the most obeying and loyal of daughters, she often defies direct order of the vampire elders, especially those from her father.

She misses more of the council meetings then she attends to. Rides of in the woods fighting werewolves, risking her life.

Lucien did the forbidden thing, he removed his collar and allowed himself to transform into a Lycan. He only did it to protect Sonja, his beloved one and Victors daughter, from a pack of werewolves. Victor is furious and immediately revokes Lucien’s status among the guards and throws him in the dungeons. Refusing to take reason, refusing to take into consideration that his daughter would likely not have survived if Lucien had not done that.

With the help from Sonja Lucien manage to escape, and set a large number of Lycans free. But when he realizes that Sonja is in danger, Victor has found out about their love affair, he returns to save her.

Let the battle begin.

I rented the movie, mainly because I had seen the other two. I did not read on its back so I was a bit surprised that it was not gonna start off where the second one ended, but rather tell the story about how it all began.

The movie is over all a good one, the story is well told and it’s interesting to get to know how it all began. There’s, of course, a good deal of fighting going on between vampires and Lycans, some really bloody.

Since the vampires can’t live in sunlight the story is mainly playing out in the time between dusk and dawn which gives everything a sort of grayish tone, so the blood actually doesn’t seem as bad as it probably would otherwise, but the movie is definitely not suited for young children.

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