Legally Blondes (aka Legally Blonde 3)

Legally Blondes

Legally Blondes

I watched this movie some time ago but for various reasons never got around to blog about it. Figured it was about time now šŸ™‚

This movie, which is labeled as the third Legally Blonde movie, does not feature Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) as main character. In fact she’s not even in the movie, other then as a side figure. Although Reese Witherspoon is one of the producers behind the movie.

The main characters of this one is Elle Woods young twin cousins Izzy and Annie Woods (Becky Rosso and Milly Rosso). The twins of course like pink, and they are blonde. I say of course as that is to be expected since the movie after all is a sequel to Legally Blonde 2.

Izzy and Annie moves to California from England together with their dad Richard (Christopher Cousins). They are staying in Elle’s house. Elle herself is not home to greet them but leaves a note saying she’s sorry she could not be there. She has also left the twins a chihuahua dog each.

Happy with their new rather pink home Izzy and Annie goes shopping for their first school day, though as they rushed out their dad didn’t get a chance to tell them that they had to wear a school uniform at Pacific Preparatory, the same school as Elle once attended. This is deemed a catastrophe by the twins. The uniform doesn’t have one bit pink.

Life at the new school starts out pretty well, they quickly become friends with one of the more popular girls, Tiffany. However the friendship is very shallow and as soon as Tiffany finds out they are there on a scholarship things start to change. Izzy and Annie begs their father to go back to England after being humiliated by Tiffany.

This is not an option, and their father encourages them to start changing the school instead of trying to be someone they are not just to fit in.

The twins seem very childish at first, they do grow some as the movie goes on though. I get the impression that Izzy and Annie’s characters are younger then Elle was in the first movie which probably is one reason why they seem more childish.

The movie is not as funny as the first Legally Blonde movie, but it is worth seeing if you liked that one. I don’t recall ever seeing the second Legally Blond movie in full so I can not compare to that one. This is not a movie that I’m likely to buy, I did rent it and over all I’d say it was worth the money spent.

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