Death proof

Death proofIt’s a movie by Quentin Tarantino. Tarantino most definatly has his own way ow making movies. In this case he wants the viewer to be reminded of being at an old, small cinema with bad visual, and the home made cuts in the movie. There’s a couple places that really are badly cut, but they are meant to be that way.

Death proof starts out really slow, and me and my boyfriend says to each other: “Maybe we should have rented something else”. And then wham everything turns around and it gets very action filled. To bad we’ve gotten halfway through the movie by then.

There’s a lot of girl talk going on in it, and at some points that really seem unnecessary.

The main character in this movie is an old stuntman, that goes around by the nickname stuntman Mike (Kurt Russell). He is a serial killer with an unusual weapon: his car. During the first half of the movie he has a black “death proof” car, he explains that as the car being set up for keeping the stunt driver alive during dangerous stunts. He later crashes that one and gets another one.

The movie is more or less split into two acts, and the first act is the fairly boring one where you wait for something to happen while you watch and listen to a few girls interact at a bar. The second act is the one that really lifts the movie to become action filled.

Would I recommend the movie?
Depends. If you like Tarantinos style and car chases then yes, you should see it, because the car chase in act two is really something.

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  1. Comment from Sarah

    The only thing i have seen directed by Tarantino is the csi episodes he directed and they were really good episodes. However it seems a pretty good movie Anna. I just dont think its my cup of tea though

  2. Comment from Anna

    Can’t say that it was mine either really…

  3. Comment from Anna


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