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Madonna – Hard Candy

I did plan on doing a review on that, as I got my hands on it couple days ago. Luckily by borrowing and not buying. Somewhere around half way through the album I got tired of it….  To me all songs sounded pretty much the same, I didn’t really notice when one song ended and a new one started 🙁

Over the years Madonna has changed style a few times, this is a changed style again, just this time not really into something new.

I will try and sit and concentrate on listening to it some day, so I can give a proper review. But my first impression is that it’s not really worth buying, unless you of course are such a big Madonna fan you just need to have the complete collection of her albums.

Duran Duran – Red carpet massacre

Duran Duran - Red carpet massacreStumbled across the fact that Duran Duran had a new cd out, didn’t really expect that. I have never been a great fan of them, but I got a couple of their songs from the 80’s and that I found to be good so I just had to check it out.

I must say they don’t sound as I remember them… I guess they’ve changed sound somewhere along the way. This album Red carpet massacre is a bit more towards pop then I recall them being before. It’s not a bad thing really, it does sound good.

They have managed to maintain a bit of their individuality, they do not sound the same as many other pop music of today. There’s a touch of that rock like sound they had in the 80’s. I’m pretty sure you’d like it if you liked them back then. If you weren’t a fan of Duran Duran in the 80’s, it might be worth a shot now.

lacuna Coil

Got a tip the other day from my online friends, or rather I overheard two of them discussing music, Lacuna Coil to be specific. You can find the official website at

My friends said I should check them out so I did. Thank god for Internet bringing music in close 😀

Its an Italian band, what genre to put them in I have no idea about, but its some kind of rock I think. Read the rest of this entry »