Majicians’ Journey – The Prohpecy

Majicians' Journey - The Prophecy

Majicians' Journey - The Prophecy

As promised, here’s a small review of the book. It was rather fast reading and I finished up the last few chapters last night before sleeping.

This is the first book in a series to come, in fact it is the first book ever published, to my knowledge, from the author, David Scherer.

David is an acquaintance of mine, it is only fair to tell you that since it probably colored my opinion of the book a bit. Never the less I’d still say it is definitely worth reading.

The book would best fit under fantasy, it has magic in it; in the book referenced as majick.

The story revolves around three young men; Mica, Kai and Matthias. We get to know them shortly before they get their rites and evolve from students to masters in the world of majick.

As they get their rites, something strange happens to them, something that hasn’t happened for many many years, it was even thought to be just a legend among the elders.

This is the start of the adventure, their destiny has been formed, and although they are given a formal chance to chose if they want to accept the destiny, they know all to well it is not really their choice to make.

This book, The Prophecy, is only the beginning of a dangerous journey.

We follow Mica, Kai and Matthias on an adventure that eventually takes them back to a long lost time.

As they travel through the land they get to meet some of the dark creatures their enemy controls, giving them a taste of what to come.

Their abilities are put to the test several times as they search the prophet that can tell them the full prophecy, and the true meaning of their destiny.

Will they be able to handle their destiny, will they be able to save a reality they will never be able to return to?

I will definitely make sure to get a chance to read the next ones as well once they are published (well, right now they are not written so it would probably take a while).


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